Everyday is a day in the Garden!

Design Services
At the first telephone conversation, Philip will set up a time on your property to learn about your vision for a beautiful new landscape. We will go through the property and come up with a professional and attractive plan.  He will listen to your thoughts and ideas and formulate a plan of action that is appropriate for your space and budget.

Landscape Services
Allium provides stunning and professional landscape design as well as the total installation within Charlotte and the surrounding areas. Philip will be on hand for the entire project and be available to answer any questions throughout the whole process.  Please contact us to set up a consultation. 

Hardscape Services
We provide Hardscape services

Stone and Masonry Walks and Patios
Fire Pits/Fireplaces
Stone and Block Retaining Walls
Outdoor Kitchens
Mosaic and Ornamental Stone Work
Stepping Stone Paths

We also offer many other types of Masonry Projects.  

Irrigation Services
Installation of inground as well as drip irrigation systems custom fitted to your landscape needs. 

Lighting Services
Allium also provides an attractive LED lighting system to further enhance the appeal to your landscape project.  An LED outdoor lighting system can truly change the way you both use and see your garden.  It can also provide additional safety for dim lit areas of the property if needed.

Container Gardens
We provide container garden services for everyone, but they are usually sought after by those in urban environments with limited space.  These are also perfect options for those in town homes who usually just have a small space out back. 

Horticultural Services
We offer garden maintenance services such as pruning and fertilization.  These can be done as separate off projects.  However, most of our clients end up bringing us in for quarterly maintenance programs.  Some of our services are listed below: 

Proper Pruning Techniques
Fertilization and Disease Control
Division of Plants and General Horticultural Maintenance 

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