Everyday is a day in the Garden!

"Due to several trees in our yard, we were unable to grow grass (at least not after the leaves came out in the summer!). After years of aerating, seeding, fertilizing and the eventual frustration that comes with the summer heat and shade, we decided to create a 'natural' area in the front and side yards, to give our house the curb appeal it desperately needed (and the neighbors probably wanted!).
After soliciting recommendations from neighbors for landscaping services, I was able to interview and get quotes from a couple local providers. Philip Carter, owner of Allium Fine Gardens, proved himself to be professional, courteous, creative and hard-working...and he seemed to genuinely enjoy what he did.

Not only did he design the project, but he installed the plants, as well. And, because of the above-ground drip irrigation system that we opted for, he was able to warranty the plants that he provided (he also 'repurposed' some of our existing shrubs and flowers).

Unlike the other landscape service, Philip gave me an 'on-budget' plan so I would know exactly what I would be getting. No surprises. No 'bait and switch'. To his credit - and unheard of in the business, I would think - he gave me two other scenarios should I ever wish to add to the landscaping myself.

This level of 'fair dealing' was so refreshing that we won't hesitate to call him back for other projects (like our backyard!). Even without another assignment, he volunteered to come back to check on the plants periodically. I cannot recommend Philip too highly. Whether your project is simple or elaborate (requiring brick or stonework), I am certain that you will be more than satisfied!"
- Donna
A Happy Customer

"Philip was great.  We asked for a full plan for our backyard, and then worked with him to execute certain pieces. He was prompt with replies, and drew up a plan that we really liked, fun to work with, his pricing was fair, and his delivery on the work that we asked him to perform was on time! (a very pleasant surprise, since you always just expect delays with work like this)  We'll definitely be working with him again and we transform our backyard."
- John C.
A Happy Customer

"I didn't think I had many options for a garden in my uptown condo but Philip was able to come up with a beautiful arrangement of planters for my terrace garden. Overall, very happy with the service."
- Kara H.
A Happy Customer

"Transform an ordinary yard into an awesome landscaped picture perfect yard ! After we built our house we knew we wanted something different for our yard both front n back — something other than a concrete sidewalk with plants on either side leading up to the front door.

Original and artistic in his design, Philip designed an artistic entry courtyard lined with boxwoods a stone pathway and a parking pad outlined in brick pavers that garners compliments from every visitor who sees it. It’s the perfect accent to the design of the house.

Our large lot has large nature areas which he has enhanced with native plants adding color, texture and interest. Philip has an eye for what is needed to enhance an area to its upmost fullest._
- Judy H.
A Happy Customer

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