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Allium, LLC

Please feel free to email or call to set up an appointment:

Office 704-579-9122
Personal cell 704-900-4392
Owner: Philip Carter

Let me share a little about our process.  If you call or email us we will either chat at the time of call or will be called back in less than 24 hours to discuss your project.   During the conversation we will decide if we are a good fit for the client’s needs.  We will at that time set up a meeting that is convenient for the client.

We are different from most contractors in that we charge for our consults.  The fee is $40 dollars, and if we go to contract on any piece of work, either design or install the amount will be credited towards the project.  I realize this is a little unorthodox, but we do this for a couple of reasons.

One it makes sure that we are dealing with a client that is serious about the project.  It also keeps us from running around town all day doing meetings that will never amount to work.  Time is the clients as well as our most valuable resource and we want to make sure we are responsible with it. 

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