Everyday is a day in the Garden!

Allium, LLC is Charlotte’s go to company for designing and implementing beautiful and unique horticultural and outdoor living spaces.  

We specialize in Old World Gardens, think formal French Gardens, or English Cottage Gardens and everything in between.  

We strive to bring our passion for design to properties throughout the Charlotte metro area.  From a balcony Container garden in an Uptown penthouse, to the tree lined streets of Queens Road, to an Equestrian Estate in Mint Hill.   Allium can and will create something for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. 

"Transform an ordinary yard into an awesome landscaped picture perfect yard ! After we built our house we knew we wanted something different for our yard both front and back — something other than a concrete sidewalk with plants on either side leading up to the front door.

Original and artistic in his design, Philip designed an artistic entry courtyard lined with boxwoods a stone pathway and a parking pad outlined in brick pavers that garners compliments from every visitor who sees it.

It’s the perfect accent to the design of the house. Our large lot has large nature areas which he has enhanced with native plants adding color, texture and interest.

Philip has an eye for what is needed to enhance an area to its upmost fullest."

- Judy H.
A Happy Customer
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First and foremost our customer service cannot be rivaled. We are dedicated to our clients and it is our goal to not only meet expectations but to exceed them!! We are who you call if you want a unique horticultural installation installed. My personal background is in the installation and maintenance of gardens for high end properties in the Charleston and Charlotte markets for  an extremely demanding clientele.

We understand what it means to go above and beyond. We like to work with clients who can appreciate strong design, and understand the importance of having a proper plan to work from. Those who understand that we are working often times with living things, and that sometimes things don't go as expected. We deal with those issues when they arise, and move forward in the best possible way.

My favorite thing about the work I do is seeing someones face when we wrap up a job. The smile and joy on their faces just can't be beat!!! To know that lots of times we have come in and totally destroyed their property and made an absolute mess for ever how long the project takes. And then to put the finishing details on a project just swells my heart. 

Truly nothing like loving what you do for a living.

- Philip Carter
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